Welcome to my page!

Let me introduce myself, I am Jodi, a crazy busy mama to five children, and I am the owner/creator of colour and chaos at Pollyorange.

I started Pollyorange and hand-dyeing yarns back in 2014, and it became apparent I bloody loved it, as did some others, and so business was born!

I have always prided myself on the individuality of dyeing, and you won't find loads of repeatable colourways here, as I favour strictly limited colourway runs. Some may be similar of course as is the nature of dyeing, but if one-of-a-kind (or two/three!) is your thing, then you are in the right place!

I am not a big batch dyer, so if you see something you like, grab it as chances are I won't be able to do exactly the same again! I don't measure, I don't do things by the book... my dye space is chaotic and colourful, a little like my life!

When I am not dyeing yarn, I love to paint, and particularly love abstract and expressionism styles. You can find any paintings and prints in the Art section of my site.


I also have a love of mountain biking, a new fondness for running (which I started after my Dad passed away), and I adore art, photography, sculpture, interiors, design, and anything quirky. I have a passion for vegan food, womens' rights, body and sex positivity, and many social causes, in particular LGBTQ+ & mental health issues. If I am not waffling on about any of the above, I will most likely to be found snuggling my puppy Dolly, or binge watching Netflix!

I have recently moved into my dear Papa's studio space by the river, a place we were going to share in Spring 2019, but sadly he passed away at the start of the 2019....so I am taking over the space and hoping to create wonderful yarns, clothes, and more in his memory. I feel very lucky to have his creative spirit with me always, and look forward to organising it to fit with my work.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site, and look forward to my updates soon!

Thanks for popping by!

Love Jodi x