How do I care for my items made with your yarn?

I usually use superwash bases which can withstand a gentle machine wash, however, I really recommend a gentle tepid handwash, and then lay or hang flat to dry.

There may be a small amount of colour run/bleeding and this is normal on a first wash with hand-dyed garments.

Where else do you sell your yarn?

I sell on Facebook as part of Yarnmama, which is the original indie dyer collective in the UK. We usually have a sales night on the last friday of the month.

I don't currently sell in shops or stores at this present time. If you are a store and would like to enquire about wholesale, please contact me.

Do you do custom orders?

I do, and I require a 25% non-refundable deposit.

Turnaround for custom dyes is usually 2-3 weeks, but I will let you know at the time of ordering.


What can I make with my purchases?

The world is your oyster!

I recommend good ole Ravelry to look for patterns!


Can I visit you or collect any purchases from your address?

We are not open to the general public as most work is done from home, and I would not be insured, sorry.


How do I wind my yarn?

You must wind your yarn into cakes or balls before using them, otherwise you will get into right pickle! There are several tutorials on YouTube and Google if you need some guidance.


Do you do larger quantities for projects?

I mostly dye in small limited edition batches, or one-of-a-kind. However, if you are using multiples of my hand-dyed yarns in a project, please keep in mind that ALL hand-dyed yarns have inherent variability so I strongly recommend working from multiple skeins to even out any potential differences in the yarns and avoiding abrupt colour transitions.